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Annual Warsaw Security Forum Ambassadors’ Meeting

  • Published: June 12, 2024

On June 11th, The Warsaw Security Forum held its Annual Warsaw Security Forum Ambassadors’ Meeting. The event welcomed over 25 Ambassadors of the EU, NATO and Partner states. Katarzyna Pisarska, Chair of the Warsaw Security Forum and Andreas von Beckerath, Ambassador of Sweden to Poland, welcomed everyone and opened the 2024 Ambassadors’ Meeting.

Katarzyna Pisarska  presented for the first time the 11th edition agenda and Zbigniew Pisarski, who is the Founder of the Warsaw Security Forum & the President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation spoke about the current state of preparations for the 2024 Warsaw Security Forum conference. H.E. Andreas von Beckerath also presented the role of his country, Sweden as a Partner Country.

We would like to thank our special guest Władysław T. Bartoszewski, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland for his excellent speech and his support.

The meeting was also attended by:

  • H.E. Øystein Bø – Ambassador of Norway to Poland
  • H.E. Igor Bodiu – Ambassador of Moldova to poland
  • H.E. Břetislav Dančák – Ambassador of Czech Republic to Poland
  • H.E. Etienne de Poncins – Ambassador of France to Poland
  • H.E. Viktor Elbling – Ambassador of Germany to Poland
  • H.E. Maria Assunta Farrugia – Ambassador of Malta to Poland
  • H.E. Ramiro Fernández Bachiller​ – Ambassador of Spain to Poland
  • H.E. Luca Franchetti Pardo – Ambassador of Italy to Poland
  • H.E. Margarita Ganeva – Ambassador of Bulgaria to Poland
  • H.E. Catherine Godin – Ambassador of Canada to Poland
  • H.E. Mimoza Halimi – Ambassador of Albania to Poland
  • H.E. Miko Haljas – Ambassador of Estonia to Poland
  • H.E. Patrick Haughey – Ambassador of Ireland to Poland
  • H.E. Benjamin Albert Hayes – Ambassador of Australia to Poland
  • H.E. Hannes Heimisson – Ambassador Iceland to Poland
  • H.E. Niki Kamba – Ambassador of Greece to Poland
  • H.E. Jasmin Kjahil – Ambassador of North Macedonia to Poland
  • H.E. Päivi Maarit Laine – Ambassador of Finland to Poland
  • H.E. Miyajima Akio – Ambassador of Japan to Poland
  • H.E. Cosmin Onisii – Ambassador of Romania to Poland
  • H.E. Bojan Pograjc – Ambassador of Slovenia to Poland
  • H.E. Andreas Stadler – Ambassador of Austria to Poland
  • H.E. Ole Toft – Ambassador of Denmark to Poland
  • H.E. Rik Van Droogenbroeck – Ambassador of Belgium to Poland
  • H.E. Daniel Lawton – Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the United States to Poland
  • H.E. Shik Kim – Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of South Korea to Poland
  • H.E. Martin Cimerman – Charge d’Affaires a. i., Embassy of Slovakia to Poland
  • H.E. Michel Grethen – Chargé d’Affaires a.i, Embassy of Luxembourg to Poland
  • H.E. Milena Mumin – Charge d’Affaires a. i., Embassy of Montenegro to Poland
  • Lt. Col. Siegmund van Iwaarden – Defence Attaché, Embassy of Netherlands to Poland
  • Stuart Taylor – Second Secretary, Embassy of the United Kingdom to Poland
  • Junmo Seo – President of Hyundai Rotem Europe
  • Euiseong Lee – Senior Vice President of Hyundai Rotem



NATO Summit side-event: WSF closed door dinner

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On July 9th, 2024, the Warsaw Security Forum held an official side-event to the NATO Summit in Washington D.C -  a high-level dinner entitled. “Programming for the Upcoming Challenges: Vision for NATO & Transatlantic Security 2024 & Beyond.”

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