Security Beyond the Horizon 2016-10-19T08:54:08+00:00

The Casmir Pulaski Foundation proudly announces Security Beyond the Horizon subconference held under the auspices of the Warsaw Security Forum (WSF2016). The theme of the event is the horizon of security, namely the technologies, which will guard our security as effectively as never before and that will shape the battlegrounds of the future. All that, as we are heading towards an era of great complexity, competition and even faster technological changes in defense sector, which has to keep up to the pace of ever rapidly changing issues of international security environment.

The Security Beyond the Horizon is a business-tailored event, which is going to give a much needed space to our Business Partners and Sponsors from the corporate sector. We view the Forum not only as an occasion for them to present their perspectives on issues discussed during the Warsaw Security Forum main event, but an opportunity to delineate their commercial offer and also their company’s values as well. That is why we invite and encourage each of our Partners and Sponsors to take part in discussion panels, during which they will be the ones to control the stage by being granted the choice either to present their product or jointly discuss their perspectives on the most urgent issues of today’s security.

Security Beyond the Horizon aims at productive networking between partners and guests of the conference, which is why we seek to create an environment, in which the representatives of corporate sector and public administration will be able to engage in an open dialogue. We seek to make the third edition of the Warsaw Security Forum the best opportunity in Central and Eastern Europe for all stakeholders to maximize their networking opportunities and their insight into defense and security issues.