Maria Domańska

Senior Fellow, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), Poland

Warsaw Security Forum

Maria Domańska, PhD is a Senior Fellow at the Warsaw-based Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) where she has worked since 2015. She specializes in Russian domestic policy, with a special focus on Russian federal and regional elites, formal and informal aspects of Russian political system, state propaganda, politics of memory, domestic determinants of the Kremlin’s foreign policy. 

Between 2006–2015 she worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland (between 2012–2015 as the Head of Political Section in the Embassy of Poland in Moscow). 

She is an author of one book (in Polish): Determinants of integration and disintegration processes in the post-Soviet area, published in Warsaw in 2013. She is also an author and co-author of numerous papers on Russian domestic policy, including Kremlin’s regional policies, government-society relations, and further development of Russian authoritarian regime. 

Selected publications in English are available at