Project Description

Hanna Hopko

Member of Parliament, Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (2014-2019),  Ukraine

Ms. Hanna Hopko was the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament.

Ms. Hopko was one of the leading members of the Civic Sector of EuroMaidan during the Revolution of Dignity. Consequently, she launched with other activists a coalition of Ukrainian NGOs with the aim of carrying on reforms in Ukraine and served as an expert on the inter-factional parliamentary group “Platform of Reforms”.

During the parliamentary elections that followed the EuroMaidan revolution, Ms. Hopko headed the list of the Samopomich (SelfReliance) Party and was elected into the Parliament of Ukraine where she was appointed as Chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee on 4 December 2014.

In 2014, Ms. Hopko was also named a “Leading Global Thinker” by Foreign Policy magazine, she received the “Certificate of Merit” at the Georgetown University Leadership Seminar, and was honored with the National Democratic Institute Democracy Award for her efforts to further the cause of democracy in Ukraine.

Ms. Hopko holds a PhD in political communications. In her early career Ms. Hopko was active as an expert in advocacy, media and political communications, and also worked as a journalist.