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RAdm Jarosław Ziemiański is the Inspector for the Navy of Armed Forces General Command, Poland.

In his career, he has gone through all the levels of command, starting with “Osa” rockets, on small “Gornik” type missile ships. He served as commander of the missile and artillery department at ORP “Gdańsk” (1988-1989), deputy commander of the ship (1989-1993) and commander of the ORP “Górnik” (1993-1995).

In the years 1995-2001 he served in the Staff of the 2nd Missile Ship Squadron (32nd Missile Ship Squadron) in the positions of Senior Operations and Training Officer (1995-1997), Chief of Staff (1997-1998), Deputy Commander of the Squadron-Chief of Staff (1998- 1999) and the commander of the squadron (2000-2001).

Then he was a senior specialist in the Operational Department of the Naval Operations Board N-3 of the Naval Staff (2002-2004) and the head of the Operational Department – deputy head of the N-3 Management Board (2004-2007).

After graduating from the Defense Policy College in 2008, he was appointed assistant to the head of the General Staff of the Polish Army in charge of the Navy. On 3 November, Rear Admiral Jarosław Ziemiański assumed the duties of the Deputy Commander of the Maritime Operations Center. On the basis of the decision of the Minister of National Defense, he was appointed commander of the 3rd Flotilla of Shipping in Gdynia.

On June 15, 2012, he was directed to Postgraduate Studies in Defense Policy at the National University of Defense in Washington, USA. Rear Admiral Jarosław Ziemiański completed the Tactical Training Course of Officers at the Naval Academy (1990), Postgraduate Operations and Tactics Studies at the AMW (1998), Operational and Strategic Study at the Command and Staff Academy of the Combined Armed Forces at Shrivenham (2001-2002) in the United Kingdom and the Defense Policy College at the Naval Academy in Newport (2007-2008) in the United States.

RAdm Jarosław Ziemiański

Inspector for the Navy of Armed Forces General Command, Poland