Warsaw Security Forum Volunteer Registration

Dear Candidate! Thank you for your interest in volunteering during the organisation of the Warsaw Security Forum 2017, which will take place between 8th and 9th of November 2017. Please note, that due to a limited number of positions for each field of work (such as Media, Social Media, Info desk etc.) you might not be assigned to a position you have requested. Please note that you will be working up to 6 hours shifts – breaks will be available according to the scheduling possibilities.

Each volunteer is an important asset to our team.

On the next page you will be asked to choose maximum 3 of the following positions of interest:

  1. Room Supervisor – the role essential to the outcome of the conference, as you will assist our team in the conference rooms. You might be asked to show the VIP participants and other guests to their seats, asked to move some equipment or distribute the equipment among the guests. During the Q&A session after the panel you might be asked to assist the moderators with the microphones;

  2. Media & Social Media – Media and social media team members will be in charge of creating a media and social media coverage for the conference, summarizing the panels, taking notes of memorable quotes etc.;

  3. Registration – one of the most important tasks during the conference, as smooth registration of the guests is one of the first good impressions that the participants have in the beginning of the conference. You will assist the participants, giving them their badges and – in case of some categories of the guests – also welcome packages;

  4. Info desk & event desk – volunteers in this category will assist the conference guests and answer their questions regarding different aspects of their visit;

  5. Airport Service – people in this category will meet the speakers and VIP participants at the airport and welcome them to the event, showing them to their car. During departures, airport service volunteers will accompany the high level participants from their car to the departure hall of the airport;