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WSF 2014 News Archive

Exclusive Warsaw Security Forum 2014 Summary

The Warsaw Security Forum 2014 Executive Summary is available now! Check out what happened at the WSF2014 and read the best analysis of the WSF2014 containing most prominent policy makers opinions and reflections on topics such [...]

Defence matters

The author: H.E. Pierre Buhler, Ambassador of the Republic of France to the Republic of Poland. In December 2013, in order to reinforce the EU's Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), the European Council drew guidelines [...]

Polish comprehensive approach towards security

The author: Gen. Bogusław Pacek, Advisor to NATO for the reform of the military education system of Ukraine It often happens that in the execution of state security policy, the civilian and military structures function [...]

Transatlantic Security System Has to Be Revisited

The polycentric post-Cold-War system is over. The crisis and conflict developments  between Russia and Western democracies over the future of Ukraine demonstrate the urgent necessity to redefine the set of rules shaping post-Cold-War system. There [...]

Security, economic growth and the middle income trap

Security in the 21st century is not restricted solely to the military and foreign policy realm, but it has many facets. Security certainly relates also to economic growth, innovation and progress, to the avoidance of [...]