Welcome to the Warsaw Security Forum 2019 press section. Here you can find the latest press releases, updates for journalists and the accreditation information for the Forum.

The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is organising the Warsaw Security Forum on the 2nd-3rd of October 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.  The Forum is an international conference that serves as an opportunity for high level governmental representatives, military personnel, experts and journalists to discuss the most prominent security challenges that face the EU and NATO member states.

Press contact and accreditation info:

Mr. Maciej Szymaniuk  |  Coordinator for the Strategic Partners  |  mszymaniuk@pulaski.pl 

Press information

The Warsaw Security Forum’s agenda is composed of public sessions that are open to media coverage, as well as private, off-the-record sessions for participants only. This agenda can be subject to changes without prior notice. The latest agenda is available on the Warsaw Security Forum website.

Members of the press are invited to cover the Warsaw Security Forum.  A press room will be guaranteed, that includes a steady WiFi connection, a workspace, and can be also recommended for conducting interviews with speakers. Registration for on-site coverage is madatory.

To receive an accreditation please contact Mr. Maciej Szymaniuk, Media Coordinator at mszymaniuk@pulaski.pl