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In today’s world, countries need to deal with both military and non-military threats. Security issues has therefore risen to the top of the agenda. The gradual reduction of America’s presence in Europe and lessening defence spending among many European allies has made it necessary for a wider take on security issues in Central Europe. Due to its geopolitical position, Poland is a perfect location to undertake a discussion on European security issues.

The Warsaw Security Forum addresses these issues through an international gathering of experts who specialize in security. Its purpose is to exchange professional experiences as well as to present solutions to complex regional security challenges confronting the Central and Eastern European region. The two day forum will consist of numerous plenary sessions dedicated to security issues, particularly those related to the future of NATO; the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union, including relations with the Russian Federation; energy security; border states of NATO and the European Union; new threats; and security in the economic, military and politic dimensions. The WSF2016 will take place on November 26th and 28th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.


The mission of the Warsaw Security Forum is to enhance understanding of European and NATO security policy, which will be accomplished through dialogue between key policy makers and academics.

Each of the participating countries understands security issues in a unique way due to their geopolitical position. WSF fosters a spirit of collaboration for meaningful discussion of past, current and future international security issues. Ambassadors and other worldwide experts are cordially invited to participate by presenting their ideas and discussing the security topics considered most important from a Polish perspective.


The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is a non-profit and independent think tank which specializes in foreign policy and security research.

Founded in 2004 and based in Warsaw, the Foundation’s research activities focus on two main areas: the post-Soviet sphere of influence and transatlantic relations in the context of security. The activities of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation include conducting scientific research; preparing publications and analyses; organizing seminars and conferences; and providing education and support for prospective leaders.The Foundation’s team consists of about 40 experts who are responsible for publishing papers and reports on foreign policy, international economy and domestic policy issues relevant to Poland. They also regularly comment on international affairs in the media. The Foundation aims to exemplify the values of General Casimir Pulaski, the famous 18th century Polish general who fought for both Polish and American independence. These core values are freedom, justice and democracy. The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is a Council of Europe partner organization and a member of ‘Grupa Zagranica’, which is an association of Polish NGOs involved in international aid and development.

Organizing Committee

Mr Zbigniew Pisarski | President of the Board of Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Chairman of the Warsaw Security Forum

Amb. Jan Wojciech Piekarski | Chairman of the Organising Committee

Mr Wojciech Dzięgiel | Executive Director of the Casimir Pulaski FoundationHead of the Warsaw Security Forum Organising Committee

Dr Katarzyna Pisarska | Program Director of the Warsaw Security Forum, Director of the European Academy of Diplomacy

Mr Grzegorz Chmielewski | Senior Advisor

Mr Marcin Bużański | Senior Advisor

Amb. Piotr Łukasiewicz | Senior Advisor

Mr Thomas Jura Omedi | Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

Mr Tomasz Banasiak | Participants Coordinator

Ms Patrycja Chomicka | Logistics Coordinator

Mr Maciej Kowalski | Sponsors Coordinator

Mr Maciej Szymaniuk | Head of Organizing Committee’s Assistant

Ms Agnieszka Nowakowska | Speakers Coordinator

 Mr Maciej Starzyński | IT Support