The WSF International Advisory Council is a group of distinguished foreign policy and security leaders, formed to give advice and support to the Warsaw Security Forum. The Council’s role is threefold: a) to advise on the strategic direction of the Warsaw Security Forum’s development; b) to extend the Warsaw Security Forum’s outreach and relevance to the Transatlantic security debate; c) to provide advice and diverse perspectives on developments in Council members’ own regions, along with candid insights into how Poland and its policies are received abroad.


Catherine Ashton

Global Fellow Woodrow Wilson Center, former EU High Representative, Vice President of the European Commission (2009-2014), United Kingdom


Hanna Hopko

Chairwoman, Democracy in Action: Zero Corruption Conference & Member of Parliament, Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (2014-2019), Ukraine


General (R) David H. Petraeus

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2011-2012), Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (2010-2011), Commander of US Central Command (2008-2010), USA