The 2023 Warsaw Security Forum Annual Report, entitled “Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as a New Center of Gravity: Recommendation on Strengthening Regional, European and Transatlantic Security” was presented during the 10th Anniversary edition of Warsaw Security Forum.

For over half a year, nearly 30 internationally recognized experts and policymakers in foreign policy, defence, energy and cybersecurity, supported by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation’s team, have been working on developing the report. The report consists of four thematic areas, including defence, democratic resilience, energy and climate, and cybersecurity. For each of these areas, the report proposes two advocacy causes, which serve as “calls for action” for decision-makers, reflecting the security needs of the CEE region and creating proposals for implementable policies on the Transatlantic, European and national levels.

“Times of crisis pose both immense challenges as well as unique opportunities. It is the hope of the authors and contributors of this report, that the transatlantic community makes the most of these times of trial, by first and foremost helping Ukraine to win the war with Russia and second by taking this opportunity to strengthen our own collective defence, as well as our democratic resilience. We trust this report will contribute to finding the right solutions for Central and Eastern Europe and the Transatlantic Alliance as a whole.” – writes Prof. Katarzyna Pisarska, Chair of the Warsaw Security Forum – in the introduction to the report.

In 2023 the WSF High-Level Expert Groups worked together in the realization of a research project entitled: “Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as a New Center of Gravity: (Wartime) Reordering of Transatlantic Security”

A selected group of 40 high-level international security experts and decision-makers form three working groups in each of the three thematic areas:

  • (Foreign Policy) Ensuring Better Regional Stability by Protecting a Rules-Based Order
  • (Defense) Europe at War. Strengthening European Defense Capabilities – the role of CEE
  • (State Resilience) Making CEE Societies Fit For an Age of Digital and Energy Security Disruptions

Foreign Policy

Group Members:


Catherine Ashton

Global Fellow Woodrow Wilson Center, former EU High Representative, Vice President of the European Commission (2009-2014), United Kingdom


Hanna Hopko

Chairwoman, Democracy in Action: Zero Corruption Conference & Member of Parliament, Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (2014-2019), Ukraine


Paweł Kowal

Member of Parliament, Deputy Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee, Poland


Michał Szczerba

Member of Parliament, Acting President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Poland

Group Leader

Prof. Katarzyna PISARSKA, Chair, Warsaw Security Forum

Group Supervisor

Bartłomiej KOT, Program Director, Warsaw Security Forum

Leading Analyst

Dr Miłosz CORDES, Research Fellow, Casimir Pulaski Foundation


Group Members:


Ian Brzezinski

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence (2001-2005), USA


Andrew A. Michta

Director, Scowcroft Strategy Initiative & Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council, USA


General (R) David H. Petraeus

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2011-2012), Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (2010-2011), Commander of US Central Command (2008-2010), USA


Jamie Shea

Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO (2010-2018), United Kingdom

Group Leader

Robert PSZCZEL, Senior Fellow, Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Group Supervisor

Tomasz SMURA, Member of the Board, Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Group Supervisor

Zbigniew PISARSKI, President Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Leading Analyst

Robert CZULDA, Research Fellow, Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Resilience: Energy & Climate

Group Members:


Artur Lorkowski

Director of the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, Austria


Märt Ots

Director of Estonian Accident Investigation Bureau, Estonia


Oleksii Riabchyn

Energy and EU Green deal Advisor to Deputy Prime-Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine

Group Leader

Michał Kurtyka, Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland (2019-2021)

Group Supervisor

Sławomir Krenczyk, Member of the Board, Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Leading Analyst

Piotr PRZYBYŁO, Research Fellow, Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Resilience: Cybersecurity

Group Members:


Galina Antova

Co-founder, Chief Business Development Officer of Claroty, USA


Amy Hogan-Berney

General Manager, Associate General Counsel, Cybersecurity Policy and Protection, Microsoft


Grzegorz Małecki

Head, Foreign Intelligence Service (AW) (2015-2016), Director of Cybersecurity, Economy and Energy Programs, Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland


Mikael Tofvesson

Head of the Operations Department, Agency for Psychological Defense, Sweden


Victor Zhora

Deputy Chairman and Chief Digital Transformation Officer at the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine

Group Leader

Dr. Bilyana LILLY, Researcher, the RAND Corporation, USA

Group Supervisor

Andrzej KOZŁOWSKI, Head of Research Office, Casimir Pulaski Foundation