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Poland-Sweden Strategic Dialogue

  • Published: April 16, 2024

The Head of the National Security Bureau and the Swedish National Security Adviser met in Warsaw: Poland-Sweden Strategic Dialogue Highlights Shared Commitment to Regional Security.

On 15 April 2024, a bilateral meeting between political representatives from Sweden and Poland took place in Warsaw. The meeting was followed by the “Strategic Dialogue Poland-Sweden: Security in the Baltic Sea Region” hosted by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, the organiser of the Warsaw Security Forum, attended by Jacek Siewiera, Head of the Polish National Security Office, and Henrik Landerholm, Swedish National Security Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office, as guests of honour. The strategic dialogue between Poland and Sweden was also attended by Polish government and parliamentary representatives, Swedish government and armed forces representatives and Micael Johansson, President and CEO of Saab. 

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine fundamentally changed the security situation in the Baltic Sea region, ultimately prompting Sweden, as well as Finland, to abandon the strategy of non-alignment. With Sweden’s accession to NATO in March 2024, the Alliance has gained greater strategic depth, new capabilities, and a reliable ally that shares the same values as Poland and views Moscow as a major security threat. Sweden’s membership in both NATO and the EU can also be an opportunity to explore greater synergy between the two organizations, as well as between Poland and Sweden, in the field of defense procurement.  The geographical proximity, as well as excellent political and economic relations make Poland and Sweden natural partners that can complement each other. 

One of the major topics discussed during the event was industrial cooperation between Sweden and Poland, as well as prospects for its future growth.  The discussion also addressed projects resulting from collaboration between the Polish and Swedish defense industries, as well as the modernization of the Polish Armed Forces and the weapon systems recently procured by Warsaw. These include airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft, anti-tank weapons, and signal intelligence vessels, demonstrating that Sweden has brought to NATO not only capable military assets, but also robust, advanced industrial capabilities that can benefit both sides. 

The participants also highlighted the importance of identifying those areas of cooperation between Poland and Sweden that can lead to greater synergistic effects and win-win solutions for the defense industry in the two countries. Micael Johansson emphasized that the Swedish industry would like to be perceived as Poland’s strategic partner, providing not only advanced equipment but also conducting technology transfers to increase the industrial capacity and develop new competencies in both Poland and Sweden, thereby establishing secure supply chains.  However, to maximize the outcomes of bilateral or multilateral industrial cooperation, it is crucial to forge a common understanding of potential threats and capabilities that NATO allies in the Baltic Sea region ought to possess, which could enable joint development of new technologies in the future. The need to establish a common, more homogeneous approach to military modernization is particularly evident in the maritime domain, given that the countries located in the Baltic Sea region have divergent views on developing naval forces despite facing the same potential enemy. 




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Poland-Sweden Strategic Dialogue

April 16th, 2024|News|

The Head of the National Security Bureau and the Swedish National Security Adviser met in Warsaw: Poland-Sweden Strategic Dialogue Highlights Shared Commitment to Regional Security.

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