Lenka Burgerova

Councillor for Development of Urban Planning, Architecture and Public Space of Prague, Czech Republic

Warsaw Security Forum

Lenka Burgerova, Ing. arch., Ph.D., is a Vice Mayor of Prague 7 city district with local development and citizen participation under MA21 agenda falling within her authority. She is a member of Praha Sobě movement. Mrs. Burgerova is an architect and historian by profession. Apart from working as a Prague 7 councilor, she also teaches the development of urbanism and other urbanism-related topics at universities in Prague and Usti nad Labem. Mrs. Burgerova also participates in several non-profit activities, related to preservation and promotion of architectonical and artwork heritage. She is a member of the Work group for education at the Czech Chamber of Architects. In her work at Prague 7, she works e.g. for creation of a park alongside Vltava river banks, opening of a large development zone in Bubny – Zatory location, or oversees street design to be safer and more comfortable for pedestrians and to allow trees to grow in it. Mrs. Burgerova also acts as a councilor in the City of Prague Council. Mrs. Burgerova is married and has three great children.