Pompeo D’Urso

Pompeo D’Urso is a Cyber Security expert with extensive international experience. Currently, as a VP for UniCredit, he Leads Cyber Incidents Management. In this capacity, Mr. D’Urso develops company strategies for incident response, leads during times of crisis, and manages relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including senior management and international regulators.

Mr. D’Urso holds an Engineering degree from the University of Bologna. During his academic career, Mr. D’Urso’s main focuses were computer science and industrial production, leading to experimental works on production balancing algorithms. From 2015 to 2020, he worked on international assignments for IBM shifting his focus to Enterprise Architecture and Cyber Security; and held the position of Lead Security Architect for an IBM subsidiary company. Mr. D’Urso then joined the IBM X-Force as Executive Advisor and Technical Lead, operating globally, with a particular focus on the European and North American banking and public sectors. This role required leading C-Suite level personnel through realistic simulations of cyber-attacks to help company leadership manage in a time of crisis.

As Technical Lead, Mr. D’Urso designed realistic simulations, leading an international team and recreating Fortune 500 environments for tailored sessions. Before joining UniCredit, Mr. D’Urso had the opportunity to perform research studies, lessons, and keynotes on cyber crisis preparedness and the importance of leadership in managing cyber risk.