Col. Gjert Lage Dyndal

Deputy Head, Strategic Analysis Capability, NATO

Warsaw Security Forum

Gjert Lage Dyndal is an active duty Colonel in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, currently working as the Deputy Head of the Strategic Assessment Capability (SAC) to the NATO HQ leadership in Brussels. Colonel Dyndal has operational military background from Norwegian maritime patrol aircraft in the High North, and from other operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East. In addition to his military education, Colonel Dyndal has an M.Phil and PhD in War Studies and Modern History from the University of Glasgow.

He holds a part-time academic post as Docent at the Swedish Defence University, and held a position at the Department for Cybernetics at the Norwegian Science and Technology University (NTNU) until August 2019.

As an academic, Dyndal has researched and published extensively on strategy and security, air and sea power issues. Relevant Air Power publications include the recent chapter ‘Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance’, in Olsen, John eds., Routledge Handbook of Air Power (London: Routledge, 2018); (Eds.) ‘Autonomous military drones: no longer science fiction’, NATO Review journal, July 2017. (Eds.) Naar dronene våkner [The Awakening of the Drones. Autonomous drones and weapon systems], (Oslo: CappelenDamm, 2016); ‘A theoretical framework of Maritime Air Power’, KKRVA, 2015 (4); Land Based Air Power or Aircraft Carriers? (London: Ashgate, 2012); Trenchard and Slessor: On the Supremacy of Air Power over Sea Power (Trondheim: Tapir Akademisk Forlag, 2007).