Yasmin Mohamud

Somalia Dryland Solutions, Founder & Managing Director

Warsaw Security Forum

Yasmin Mohamud is a Somali who grew up and studied in Canada. After moving to Somalia in 2017, she quickly noticed and was shocked by the severe environmental degradation in the region. As in so many countries around the world, human activity in Somalia is causing substantial damage to our ecosystem and our planet as a whole. The combination of a warming climate and our overexploitation of soil is causing water loss and vegetation loss, resulting in the rapid degradation of the land. It can be easy to become disheartened in the face of the challenges we see around us. But she soon saw that with the right actions, we can act to solve both our local and global ordeals.

Inspired by permaculture ethics and principles, and understanding that the land cannot recover without direct, local intervention, Yasmin set up Somalia Dryland Solutions in Somalia.

Most recently, she is thrilled to begin building an Ecosystem Restoration Camps in Somalia using small and slow solutions. The camps will support trainers and students who can take practical measures on the ground to restore and enhance Somalia's precious natural resources, and work to build resilient water systems, feed the people and the soil, as well as to build large nursery systems to re-green the surrounding desert land.