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Currently the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia. Minister Šekerinska – Jankovska was previously Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration and National Coordinator for Foreign Assistance of the Republic of Macedonia and also was the acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia from May 12, 2004 until June 12, 2004 and from November 3, 2004 until December 15, 2004.

Minister Šekerinska — Jankovska was elected President of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia at the party Congress following a no-confidence motion against the former leader Vlado Bučkovski. She left the position after September 2008 party congress. Zoran Zaevwas appointed as her successor until May 2009, when president Branko Crvenkovski’s term ended.

During her term as a deputy Prime Minister responsible for European Affairs, the European Council in December 2005 granted the Republic of Macedonia a status of candidate country for accession to the European Union.

Radmila Sekerinska-Jankovska

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Macedonia