Warsaw Security Forum 2023: the roundtable discussion entitled “Enhancing Cyber Resilience in CEE for the Benefit of NATO

November 7th, 2023|

At Warsaw Security Forum 2023, the roundtable discussion entitled “Enhancing Cyber Resilience in CEE for the Benefit of NATO” culminated with two key recommendations for bolstering cyber resilience in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with implications for NATO's strategic interests.

Warsaw Security Forum 2023

October 13th, 2023|

The 10th edition of the Warsaw Security Forum (WSF), held between 3-4 October 2023, hosted over 2000 delegates from 70 countries, including government representatives of 30 states and 5 international organizations.

WSF2023 Knight of Freedom Award

October 10th, 2023|

The Warsaw Security Forum has once again hosted the annual Knight of Freedom Award Ceremony. In 2023 the Award was presented to the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance, for NATO’s indispensable role in providing security and prosperity to its Member States, including playing a crucial role in strengthening NATO's Eastern Flank.


September 22nd, 2023|

For over half a year, nearly 30 internationally recognized experts and policymakers in foreign policy, defense, energy and cybersecurity, supported by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation’s team, have been working on the development of the report.

WSF2023 Town Hall Conversation

September 14th, 2023|

The Warsaw Security Forum (WSF) and SGH Warsaw School of Economics are delighted to invite you to the WSF2023 Town Hall Conversation, entitled "A Soldier-Spymaster meets the EU Baroness. War and Diplomacy in Contemporary Europe". Scheduled to take place on 2 October 2023 (15:00-16:30) on the SGH campus (Main Auditorium, Building G, I floor).

Study tour to Kyiv

July 12th, 2023|

On July 5th-7th 2023, on the eve of the NATO summit in Vilnius, the international delegation of the Warsaw Security Forum organized by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation held a series of meetings in Kyiv. Continuous support for Ukraine’s fight against Russian unjustified aggression, and the issue of the country’s membership in NATO were the most important points of the visit.

Pulaski Foundation’s advocacy mission to Georgia supports its Euro-Atlantic aspirations

April 23rd, 2023|

Main goals of the advocacy and fact-finding mission to Tbilisi included learning about the country’s current status of the accession to the European Union, discussing developments in the internal politics and possible challenges for democracy, security situation in the temporarily occupied Tskhinvali region as well as the cooperation and security environment in the Black Sea region. The visit was organised within the broader advocacy campaign #NewCEEnter aimed at improving the understanding of the needs and challenges of Poland’s Eastern partners.

Launch of the WSF National Security Advisors Council

April 13th, 2023|

The Warsaw Security Forum is honored to announce the creation of the National Security Advisors Council. The Council consists of current and former Heads of the National Security Bureau to the Presidents of the Republic of Poland who have made over the years a significant contribution to the development of the Warsaw Security Forum.

Launch of a #NewCEEnter hashtag

March 30th, 2023|

We are more than a year into the Russian unprovoked aggression against Ukraine. News headlines around the world mention Central and Eastern Europe more frequently than ever beforeWarsaw Security Forum launched a new hashtag #NewCEEnter promoting its new approach towards programming for the 2023 edition of the conference. The hashtag will be used to signal the WSF's team contributions to the debate about the role of CEE in the changing paradigm of European and transatlantic security..

Pulaski Foundation’s advocacy visit to Chisinau supports Moldova’s pro-EU aspirations

March 25th, 2023|

Learning about the current hybrid threats that Moldova is facing, response to refugee crisis caused by the Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, challenges in the process of accession to the European Union as well as sending a strong message of support to Moldova were the main goals of the two-day visit to Chisinau, the country’s capital, paid by the representatives of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation.

The United Kingdom as Partner Country of Warsaw Security Forum

March 3rd, 2023|

On March 2, 2023 Casimir Pulaski Foundation experts - gen. Andrzej Fałkowski, Bartlomiej Kot and Tomasz Smura - delivered presentations on Polish perspectives on wider security issues to the participants of the Higher Command and Staff Course, a group of high-level officers representing British Armed Forces.

Warsaw Security Forum partnered Munich Security Conference 2023

February 20th, 2023|

Biden’s visit in Kyiv and Warsaw proves that the region’s voice in shaping response to Russia is rising. We conveyed the same message in Munich through organising a high-level dinner with key policy-makers entitled Breaking the vicious circle: Mapping views on the exit strategy for post-Putin Russia.

WSF New Year’s Partners Reception

February 14th, 2023|

We are excited to announce that almost 100 guests representing the Polish government, parliament, civil society, academia and business, as well as 20 Ambassadors of EU & NATO and Partner states joined us on Monday, January 30th for the annual Warsaw Security Forum New Year's Partners Reception.